How to Select a Sun Protection Hat for Women

A good sun hat is an essential accessory for any woman who spends time outdoors. Not all hats provide equal protection though. When selecting a sun hat, you need one made specifically to shield your face, neck and ears from UV radiation. Follow this guide to choose a women’s sun hat that offers exceptional sun defense.
Chrissie Morris UV protection hat

Consider Your Needs

Think about when and where you’ll wear your women’s sun protection hat most. Lightweight packable styles are ideal for travel and beach vacations. Look for chin straps and neck flaps if you’ll be active. For gardening and yardwork, opt for styles that secure under your chin. Golfers should choose hats with UPF 50 fabric and visors to shade the face.

Prioritize Wide Brims

The brim width directly impacts how much shade your hat provides. For women, the best sun protection hats have brims of at least 3 inches all around. Bigger brims around 4 inches provide even more coverage for the face, ears and neck. Go for an oversized brim if you burn easily.

Pay Attention to Fabrics

UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) indicates how effective a fabric is at blocking UV rays. UPF 50+ is ideal for women’s sun hats. Dense weave fabrics like canvas naturally offer sun protection. Also look for sun hats made of UV-resistant material like nylon, polyester or cotton blends.

Find the Right Fit

A sun hat won’t protect you properly if it’s too loose or tight on your head. The fit should be snug enough that your hat doesn’t blow away on breezy days. But it also shouldn’t constrict your forehead. Measure your head to find your size and don’t be afraid to go up a size if between two.

Consider Styles with Flaps, Ties & Chinstraps

For optimal sun protection, look for women’s sun hats with added features to keep them in place. Flaps to cover the neck, chinstraps, cords or ties can secure your hat and prevent shifting. These added details ensure your hair, ears, neck and cheeks stay protected.

Shop According to Your Face Shape

Just like with sunglasses, face shape should determine your hat style. Oval faces suit any hat. Round faces look best in floppy styles or designs with asymmetric brims. Square faces are flattered by circular brims. Heart shapes should choose small structured hats. An oblong face is complemented by shorter brims. With sun protective features suited for your lifestyle and face, you’ll be ready to take on summer in style. Protect your skin while looking fashionable this season by selecting the right sun hat. Your skin will thank you!

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